We Can Do One Simple Thing That Will Make This Special Kid’s 16th Birthday Dreams Come True

This afternoon I saw my friend Robin post about her nephew Caleb’s upcoming 16th birthday on Facebook. Robin had this to say about him: “His superpowers are The Best Hugs in the World AND finding M&Ms no matter where you hide them.” Caleb has Down syndrome and is very excited about his upcoming birthday. But you know what he’s NOT excited about? Gifts. As his Aunt Robin says. “He’s just not into things. We could learn a thing or two from Caleb.”

Yes, yes we could.


So, Caleb’s not into things, which makes birthday gift-giving a challenge! But you know what he IS into? The mail. He LOVES getting the mail each day.

His very wise mom came up with an idea to start a campaign to FILL Caleb’s mailbox with birthday wishes! His birthday is later this month, so let’s start NOW and fill his mailbox up with birthday love for the next two weeks! Just a simple note  with a birthday greeting will do. I personally am going to have my kids make him cards to send – I am super-excited to get them involved in sharing love and birthday joy with this special guy!
caleb dance

Caleb is really hoping to get mail from ALL 50 states, and I know we have a big community on For Every Mom in different states and countries – so let’s band together and give Caleb a few mail days that he will NEVER forget! Let’s do this TOGETHER!

Here’s where to send the cards or letters:

Caleb Dance, 104 Carolina Cup, Belton, SC 29627

It’s as simple as that! Let’s help Caleb have an amazing birthday! Who’s with me? Comment  below and tell me which state your card will be coming from!



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