This List of What Moms Really Want for Christmas is Spot-On. Yes, a Box Full of Sanity Would Be LOVELY

So I thought about doing this great gift guide listing all the fun things moms would want their husbands (or kids) to buy them for the holidays. Then I started thinking, there are so many things I want that don’t cost anything! I realized that all moms need for the holidays is a sprinkle of love, a dash of appreciation and a box full of SANITY!

As a full time working mom, I find my time is divided between work, my kids, my house and my husband. That leaves very little, if any, time for me. Like many moms, I am lucky if I can get through an entire shower without someone needing something. Folding laundry for 10 minutes in my room feels like a mini vacation! I have many friends who will settle for a 5 minute glass of wine to stay sane. (I prefer a giant bowl of ice cream!)

Now don’t get me wrong, of course I like presents. Who doesn’t want a nice pair of Uggs or a new Coach purse? I would do anything for a day at the spa! But let’s be real!! As moms, what really want and need is some sanity!

Here is what I think every mom needs for the holidays:

A long hot shower or bath ALONE! That means no one coming in to pee, no one asking questions, no one throwing toys into the shower and hitting mommy on the head! I want 20 minutes alone to enjoy a shower like I did before I had kids (and a husband)!

To sleep in! I want one day, and that is not asking for a lot, to sleep in. That means no one jumping on the bed, no cartoons on the TV, no “mommy what’s for breakfast?” Just me, my blanket and my pillow cuddled up until at least 8am. See I told you I don’t ask for much! To make it even better, breakfast in bed would be nice!

To go to Starbucks by myself or with another mom and just drink a coffee in peace! I cannot remember the last time I finished a cup of coffee while it was still hot. When home, I reheat my coffee at least 3 times. At work, I end up going home with a half filled mug with cold coffee. I forgot what coffee tastes like hot!

To not do the dishes for at least 2 days! Yes, I have a dishwasher but with 2 boys and a husband there are too many dishes for even the machine to handle! I hate coming home to a pile of dishes in the sink, and I can’t lie, sometimes it’s my fault too. I just want a vacation from the scrubbing and burning my hands when the water gets too hot!

Full control over the TV for one day! I would love a day where the TV was all mine! There would be no cartoons (well maybe Frozen), no Big Foot shows, no shows about aliens and no sports (this is okay because the Yankees don’t play in the winter). I want the freedom to watch my soap operas with no interruptions. I want to decide if I want to watch the entire series of Friends in one day. It would be my choice to watch 3 things at one time if I wanted! Oh and part of this present would be that NO ONE could ask me to change the channel!

Never ending snuggles! I would love one full day where I can snuggle with my boys without any resistance. When they are little, we take for granted all the love, hugs and snuggles. As they get older, some kids shy away from snuggling or only stay for a few seconds. I would love a day where my boys will snuggle with me on the couch while watching a movie.

So there you go! That is what I want for Christmas!

(Hubs: I could still use a gift certificate for a massage or new Uggs though!)

What you do you want for Christmas?

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Jessica Lopa
Jessica Lopa is a full-time school psychologist, wife, and mom to two wonderful boys. She is the founder of the blog Mommy University, where she puts her expertise to use helping other parents to learn fun ways to encourage growth and development in their children. You can also catch Jessica and Mommy University on Facebook and Twitter. (Photo credit: Luna Blue Studios)