This is the One Thing Rory Feek Wants You to Know About His Marriage to Joey Feek

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If you’re like me, you’ve followed the story of country starts Joey and Rory Feek with great interest over the past few months. The duo, partners in marriage and in song, have inspired us time and time again as they bravely face Joey’s battle with terminal cervical cancer. Joey stopped treatment for her cancer in October and entered hospice shortly thereafter. The couple has two grown daughters, Heidi and Hopie, and a todder girl, Indiana.

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What has impressed me most about Joey and Rory during this very public battle is their faith in God. The couple have professed their trust in Christ and his plan for their lives over and over in interviews and on Rory’s blog. It is truly inspirational.

But the other thing that impresses me about the Feeks is their great love for each other, and in particular, Rory’s sweet and prolific declarations of love for his wife. In an exclusive interview with,  Rory was asked:  What do you want people to know about your family that you feel hasn’t received the attention it deserves?

And he answered: “I hope people say … he loves her. She loves him. Let’s love each other like that.”

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That hit me like a hammer. So simple, and so profound! As I’ve been writing about their story for the last few months, some other things Rory has said about the love of his life has stuck with me. Here are some of my favorite quotes from Rory Feek about his beloved wife, Joey Martin Feek.

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On Joey losing hair and losing weight in hospice care:

“But she is beautiful. So so so beautiful. When God begins to take the light from the outside… the light inside just shines all that much brighter. It’s amazing. She’s amazing.

On what he wants when she’s gone:

“I want my wife to be remembered. By me. By others who love her even though they’ve never met her. I guess that’s why I write this blog. I want her sweet voice and her love to live on. And not just outlive her… but to somehow outlive me, and our girls, and even their children.”

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On seeing and hearing Joey sing:

“Filled with nothing but love and life, and a light so bright… you can’t help but smile when you’re near her.
Yes, my bride has a beautiful song in her heart… and I believe, the world needs to hear it.”


On the Joey of today vs. the Joey of a few years ago:

“Yes, she’s a few years older and the chemo and radiation have taken their toll on her physical body. But the same joy in her spirit and the same beautiful smile is still there, shining through. Cancer can’t take that away from her.”

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On finding out that Joey’s cancer was not responding to treatment:

“All I can do right now is think of her and want to make sure she’s taken care of and knows how much she’s loved be me, and by so many others.”

After following their story for months, I’m pretty sure Joey knows how very much she is loved and treasured by the man God gave her to love and to cherish until death do them part…and I’m blessed to have observed from afar a love so inspiring between this man and this woman, and so rooted in God’s love for us.

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Thank you Rory, for being so open about your feelings and your faith. We are all continuing to pray for you and your beautiful bride.

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