What This Brother Did for His Little Sister After Their Dad Passed Away Will Make You Swoon

Tricia Lanzi Santucci lost her husband in 2008, making her a single mother of two. One tradition her husband had with his daughter was taking her to all the father daughter dances. While he may now be gone his son refused to let the tradition die. Tracie posted a picture of her kids before a dance on NBC’s Facebook along with this caption:

“This is my son and daughter. For the second year in a row, since she has been old enough to go, he has escorted her to their school’s Father/Daughter dance. Their father was a police officer, killed in the line of duty in 2008. I had two boys at the time, and was pregnant with my daughter. I’m so proud of my son for stepping in and showing his little sister a great night. He is my hero.”


Thousands of people were moved by Tricia’s story and decided to share theirs as well.

“My son (16) did the same for his baby sister in Pre-K this year.”



“My oldest son did the same thing for my oldest daughter just a year after my husband passed away from Cancer… It takes true little men to step in and it melts my heart to see this.”


“We lost my dad four years ago, and my brother does the same for my little sister. He flies home from college to take her every year. Props to all the wonderful big brothers out there.”


Some photos don’t need captions.



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