What This Caring Santa Did for a Boy With Autism is the Most Magical Christmas Moment Yet

A shopping mall Santa made Christmas extra special for one family during an Autism Speaks event at a mall in Charlotte, North Carolina. According to Maeghan Pawley, who works with the organizations Family Services Team, one little boy who wanted to meet Santa and have his photo taken with him just couldn’t bring himself to sit on St. Nick’s lap. What happened next took away any possiblity of disappointment for the little guy and his family and made this a Christmas to remember!

Upon seeing the boy’s difficulty, the mall Santa, who was not particular young, got down on the floor with the boy, laying on his stomach and playing alongside the kiddo with a couple of snow globes.

autism sensitive santa

Photo: Maeghan Pawley, Autism Speaks

Pawley praised the staff at the event, telling Autism Speaks, ““The whole staff (Santa included) was overly accommodating for all of our kids, really trying to get the best picture and create the best experience possible, regardless of how much time or patience was needed to do so.”

Now this little guy had his dream of meeting Santa come true, and his parents have a precious picture they’ll always cherish.

Way to go, SANTA! You truly gave this child your “presence” rather than “presents” – and this is way better than anything under the tree!

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