When the Stranger Who Saved Your Life Shows Up at Your Wedding— It Gets Real Emotional, Real Fast

As a teenager, Greta Perske never even knew if she’d make it to her wedding day. After being diagnosed with leukemia at 16, her life became about making it through each day. The high school soccer player’s once healthy body would not respond to treatment, and a bone marrow transplant became her only hope.

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Perske and her parents couldn’t know at the time that hundreds of miles away in Arkansas, their prayers for a donor had been answered years before by a stranger named Danny Daniels. He had registered to be a donor back when a friend of his was ill. He lost the friend, but because his illness inspired Daniels to get on the donor registry, Greta’s life was eventually saved. Daniels donated his marrow to the 17-year-old, and was able to meet her 2 years later.

Fast forward to October 10, 2015, and Greta Perske, the teen who was so near death, is now a vibrant college graduate—a nurse, inspired by the nurses that served her when she was sick—and a radiant bride. She never knew if she would make it to this day, but when she began planning her wedding, she knew there was ONE person she had to have sitting in the church with her, even though she’d only met him once.

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It was an invitation Danny Daniels could not refuse.

Most weddings are filled with happy tears, but Greta’s when she saw Daniels in the reception line were extra-emotional.

She had “Instant tears, of course,” she told the St. Cloud Times “Unbelievable.”

And then, of course, there was that special dance.

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Greta’s family introduced Daniels as her donor at the reception and he got a standing ovation from the wedding guests—none of whom would have been there for this beautiful event without him.

“That was pretty special — unnecessary, because I was there for her,” Daniels said. “It’s kind of a blur.

Daniels and Perske had a “nice conversation” during their dance. She got emotional, and he tried to hold it together.

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After their dance, there were tears all around. Tears of joy and thankfulness for a stranger who cared, and a life truly lived.

Daniels feels a little strange about beng such a point onf focus on a bride’s big day, but we doubt Perkse minded sharing the spotlight.

“I just thank God I was able to help someone,” Daniels said.

So do we, Danny Daniels. So do we.


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