When This Clueless Grandpa-to-Be FINALLY Gets It—It Makes This Pregnancy Announcement 100% Priceless

The Whisper Challenge is a game popularized by the Tonight Show’s Jimmy Fallon that involves one person whispering a phrase to another person who tries to guess the whispered phrase while he or she is wearing headphones and listening to loud music. It’s basically lip-reading taken up a notch for comedy’s sake!

Fallon fan and mom-to-be Alexa Goolsby decided to use the game to share her pregnancy news with her parents.

Though her mom got it right away, her dad took waaaaay longer (and was trying waaaaaay harder) to get the message that he was going to be a grandfather! In this hilarious one-minute pregnancy announcement video, you will see his reaction is worth the wait!

Congrats to the Goolsby’s! I hope Jimmy Fallon has you all on his show!

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Jenny Rapson
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