For the Woman Who is Hurting Today: If Your Heart Is In Shreds—This Is For You

It was placed on my heart to tell you this today.  I don’t know who you are, or what you’re going through, but we’ve all been there in some form or fashion.  I hope you find what you’re looking for in these words.

It hurts today.

I know it does.

Someone took a cheese grater to your heart and left you with the shreds.

I don’t pretend to know what you’re going through today.  It can be so many different things – a fight with your husband, an issue with a child, work problems, heartache, disappointment, betrayal, a loss, heavy decisions, or just a plain ole bad day.  Each one of us has something different that we attempt to smile through every morning.


Some days are better than others.  Some days, you wake up and you think, “Ok, I can do this!”  Your mind is clear, your heart is steady, and you feel ok to laugh.  You see a glimmer of hope and promise that you can cling to for the moment.

Some days are worse than others.  Some days, you wake up and wonder just how much more you can take before you absolutely crumble to the floor in a pile of tears and shattered pieces.  It’s those days that your mind is racing and you are very tempted to call in to work and check out of whatever problem you’re having for just a few hours.

Mama – Wife – Sister – Friend:  You are going to be ok.

I know it doesn’t seem like it at this moment.  You are burdened and heavy and sad and angry all at the same time.  But I promise you, you are going to be ok.

Because the world is a crappy place.  People are people, and they will disappoint you and they will break your heart.  After all, we’re all broken somehow.  We’ve all been hurt in some way.  Hurt People hurt people.

But listen.  Look intently into these words that you are supposed to hear today.

There is One who won’t do this.  One who won’t ever hurt you or leave you lonely.  One who won’t ever break your heart in betrayal or lie or walk away.

Instead, He knows the heart of the one who hurt you, and He knows just how to mend yours.  He knows how to fill up those gaping wounds left open by the cheese grater and He knows how to satisfy in ways that others will just leave you wanting.  He is a miracle-maker when it seems impossible, and He is the joy-giver when there seems to be nothing left.

When everything else seems terrible, He is still good.
When everything else seems lost, He is still there.
When everything else seems hopeless, He is still working it all for your good.
When it’s all spinning out of control, He still holds it all.
When you feel unwanted, He is still pursuing you.
When you feel unloved, He is still the lover of your soul.
When you feel like you belong to no one, you still belong to Him.
When you feel worthless, remember you are worth enough for His sacrifice.
When you are weak, He is strong.
When you are tired, He is relentless.
When you are broken, He is whole.

Let Jesus hold you today.  Let Him fill up those spaces for you.  Find peace in His presence, and find joy in His never-ending love.  Immerse yourself in His Word that will be a lamp to your feet so you know exactly where to go.  Get so lost in your prayer life that it becomes every thought.  Find somewhere to serve and someone to help build you back up with the affirmations of Christ.

Put one foot in front of the other, following wherever He leads.

This is not to say the pain will be over, or that He might be leading you through a path that will be difficult.  It may require a difficult road of forgiveness and redemption, or it may require you to cut your losses – neither of those options will be easy.  Or it may be a season of healing and grief that requires you to work through it slowly and completely before you find an end result.

But know this – You’re not alone.  He will be with you every step of the way.

Trust.  Follow.  Pursue.
Forgive.  Let go.  Move on.
Cry.  Scream.  Breathe.
Hope.  Love.  Recover.

You’re going to be ok.

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Katie Parrish
Katie is mom to two gorgeous kidsand wife to a handsome man. She's been given a heart for the struggles of women – whether it be work, marriage, mommyhood, peace, pain or brokenness. Her goal is to be open and honest, and to provide a safe place for a laugh, a cry, or an “I feel the exact same way” hand on your shoulder through her blog, All Things Held Together.