Yes, They Were All Planned!—Now Let Me Answer Your Other Rude Questions as Well

Maybe you are dying to know. Maybe you know me and already do. Maybe you are a stranger in Target who has asked me (haha just don’t!) Here is a little Q&A for ya!

Is having five kids really that hard?

Yes, it is hard but not necessarily in the ways you might think. Yes there is more laundry, more dishes and more picking up. But there is also more laughter, more love and more fun. Yes I have those moments, when my potty training two year old literally pooped all over herself on the floor at the same time as the boys are fighting and I’m nursing the baby. Those moments of panic happen no matter how many kids you have. Kids have a way of making you feel overwhelmed no matter the number. The thing that I will admit is totally difficult is taking them all to the store at once. Taking five kids under the age of 8 to the store is like herding little goats. Your toddler is trying to shoplift candy bars. You keep running into your eight year old who won’t stop walking in front of the cart. Your four and five year old think they are independent and can saunter down the aisle. But again, I am sure your kids do the same. The only difference is the number.

Can you afford them all?

People often say, “Kids are expensive!” No really? I had no idea. So did I dare have more kids than I can afford? Well if my plans were for my kids to have all the coolest clothes and each have their own ATV then no, no I cannot afford them all. But I can afford them to dress appropriately in cold weather. To have food in their bellies (no we can’t afford fast food, not a huge loss though) and shoes on their feet. God is good and He provides! Question you might pose to yourself: What does “broke” mean to you? If broke means you can’t buy fast food every day or new clothes every week then maybe you need to reevaluate what you believe it means to “afford” something. Some people have expensive hobbies, we have kids. The end.

You know what causes that don’t you?

When my Dad asks this I laugh because it doesn’t bother me and I know his heart. When the stranger in Rite Aid asks? Not so much. Context and who is asking can make or break a question. So yes, I know what causes that. That leads me to the next question I also hate to hear from a stranger or even an acquaintance.

Were they all planned?

The answer to this is yes they were all planned. And even if I wasn’t planning them myself, God was. There isn’t a baby that gets made that God doesn’t know about it. When I got pregnant, God didn’t throw His hands up and say, “That Laura, there she goes again making babies without me!”

So I hope that covers it. Lesson of the day is think! Ask yourself why you want to know the question you are about to ask. Do you need more information before you make a judgement? Or does it add to your celebration of a growing and loving family? But you know me. This is all written in fun and really I am an open book. I’ve never met a question I can’t handle.


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Laura Dye
Laura Dye is a wife to an amazing man and a mama to five rambunctious munchkins. She has a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology and currently stays home to chase around her kids and snuggle her babies. She loves Jesus and loves to write about how He rescues her from insanity whenever she can at the Jelly Side Down Blog. For more from Laura, follow her Facebook page, Jelly Side Down Mom.