“You Killed All My Babies”: Mom Shows a Heartbreaking Photo of the Reality of Drunk Driving

Did you watch that video above? Parents, I just watched the whole thing, and I was CHILLED TO THE BONE almost the entire time. I’ve never seen such raw grief, but we ALL need to see it.

This is why: Jennifer Neville-Lake’s three children AND her father were killed by a drunk driver in Canada last September. Daniel, 9, Harrison, 5, Milly Lake, 2, and their grandfather, 65-year-old Gary Neville, all died. Harry and Milly did live through the crash, but later died in the hospital. Neville-Lake described the day she and her husband had to decide to take their younger two children off life support.

neville lake kids

“I couldn’t pick which baby to turn off the machines first,” she said, as tears flowed. She and her husband asked the hospital staff to push the kids’ beds together, then they crawled in with their dying babies.

“We put our hands on top of theirs,” she said. “Just like we were there with them when they were born, we were there with both of them when they died.”

After Marco Muzzo, the man convicted of the drunk driving incident that claimed the Neville-Lake family, was sentenced to 10 years in prison, Jennifer gave the emotional press conference above. She showed a powerful photo album of the choices that had led up to the event, including her choice to marry and start a family with Ed Lake, and Marco Muzzo’s choice drive home from the airport after returning drunk from a bachelor party on a private plane. (A statement made in court said he was so drunk at the time of the crash that he urinated on himself and needed help standing.)

The most powerful part of Neville-Lake’s presentation was this picture, which she asked the media to SHARE, saying, “People need to see.” She then added, “My children never took a bad picture. Even when they were dying.” The photo is of 5-year-old Harry and 2-year-old Milly holding hands as their little lives slip away.

neville lake holding hands
Photo: Jennifer Neville-Lake via YouTube screen shot

When commenting on Marco Muzzo’s sentencing, the grieving mom said: “That’s what going through my head right now — the fact that [Muzzo’s] sentence is 10 years and none of my children saw 10 years. None.”

Her oldest child Daniel was 9 years, 7 months, and 24 days old when he died.

Friends, I hope you will share this mom’s painful story. She WANTS her children’s story to be told far and wide—so that their beautiful lives are remembered, but also so that people will think TWICE before they drink and drive—and choose NOT to.

“This was a choice made by an individual,” Jennifer Neville-Lake said. “Choices are actions that have consequences. When you choose to drink and drive, you’re hurting other families. You’re killing someone else’s babies — like mine were killed.”

I can only pray for these parents as they mourn their children and Jennifer’s father, and hope that God draws near to them, and that their message against drinking and driving saves many, many lives.

Please, don’t EVER drink and drive. We ALL know people who do it. So please SHARE this story and help in the mission to eradicate drunk driving deaths!

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