A Letter to Ohio Governor John Kasich About That Abortion Ban He Just Signed Into Law


Dear Governor Kasich,

Hi there.  I am a fellow Ohioan, and although you are my governor, I haven’t always agreed with you.  I recall sending you an email a few years back about  a bill I was REALLY not in favor of, and thankfully it did not pass. As a matter of fact, I am usually not a fan of politicians in general, but I know I shouldn’t lump you all together in one group. So, I’ll try not to. But anyway…this past week, I’ve heard a lot more about you, my state’s Governor, on a national level than I usually do. I mean, except for when you were running for President (I totes voted for you in the primary, by the way. You’re welcome.) And I have to say, Governor, that MOST of what I have been hearing this week is NOT positive.

First, a lot of people were super, SUPER mad that the Ohio house and senate had passed a “heartbeat bill” that would ban abortion after an unborn child’s heartbeat was detectable. Since that’s about 6 weeks gestation, often around the time or even before most women even find out they are pregnant, it would have effectively banned abortion in the state of Ohio. All over social media I saw cry after cry of “CALL GOVERNOR KASICH! WRITE HIM A LETTER! TELL HIM NOT TO SIGN THIS INTO LAW!”

And—these pro-abortion activists got their way. You, a staunchly pro-life person and elected official, vetoed that bill. You vetoed the law that would effectively make abortion illegal in Ohio. Abortion advocates everywhere REJOICED!!!!

Just kidding, they’re still pissed. BECAUSE, as certain media outlets accuse, you “pulled a bait and switch.” There was also another bill on the table, banning abortion after 20 weeks gestation. And you signed that sucker into law.

And that’s when the tweets started to fly. “Shame on you, @JohnKasich!” they said. “We see right through you!” they said.

See right through you?? Interesting that they think you’re trying to pull something over on them, since this is your 18th abortion restriction in your time as governor. Seems to me you’ve always been pretty clear on your stance. And Ohio Right to Life wasn’t mad about you not signing the heartbeat bill at all. “The 20-week ban was nationally designed to be the vehicle to end abortion in America,” they said in a statement.

Although pro-abortion groups are UP IN ARMS, I would like to point out that 15 other states have a similar ban. You aren’t the only governor who has made the choice to protect the lives of the unborn…and I just wanted to say, THANK YOU. Like many of my fellow women urged me to, I AM writing you a letter about the abortion ban, but this isn’t the chastisement I’ve been urged to send. It’s a missive of gratitude.

Governor Kasich, I’ve been frustrated by abortion groups saying you are an enemy of women. They scream and shout at you in the NAME of women…but those groups do NOT speak for me. I find it offensive that they lump all of my gender into their group. As a little over half the births in the US each year are FEMALES, I think you have done a GREAT service for women—unborn women. Women, who, like me, deserve the right to grow, dream, and make their own voices heard. Voices that can in turn, speak out for women’s rights to equal pay and the equality with men that we have been seeking in this country for hundreds of years. Women who can be the next generation of doctors, engineers, inventors, teachers, social workers, and yes—mothers.

Thank you for having the courage to make a decision that is politically unpopular. Thank you for choosing to assert that the unborn are PEOPLE whose lives should be protected by our government.

I know you are hearing a lot of negative reaction toward your decision right now, and I just want to tell you that I, as a woman, am grateful for it.

Keep up the good work,



By the way, I agree with the reasons you gave for vetoing the heartbeat bill. In case you were wondering.

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Jenny Rapson
Jenny Rapson is a follower of Christ, a wife and mom of three from Ohio and a freelance writer and editor. You can find her at her blog, Mommin' It Up, or follow her on Twitter.