WATCH: Chilling Pro-Abortion Ad Says Smiling Baby ‘Deserves to be a Choice’

pro abortion

A 40 second pro-choice ad made its way onto my feeds this morning, and I’m honestly still in shock over what may be the most disturbing abortion propaganda video I’ve ever watched.

Created by The Agenda Project–which exists to inform and promote the progressive movement in the political arena–the spot, titled “The Chosen,” features just one subject: a beautiful, smiley, blue-eyed baby girl. In the background plays a light and tender lullaby.

Flashing between clips of the baby, and a black screen with text, the commercial argues several things that this baby deserves.

“She deserves to be loved, she deserves to be wanted…”

And after 30 seconds of imagining a future for this beautiful gift from God, the video ends with this zinger:

“She deserves to be a choice.”

The ad from 2015 aims to support the largest provider of abortions in the country, Planned Parenthood, with the final slide reading #StandWithPP.

“Women deserve a choice. Babies deserve to be chosen,” the video’s description reads.

Can we just take a second and think about the group of people who sat around a table and decided THIS was an effective ad? Who decided that taking B-roll footage of a LIVING, BREATHING, human baby and saying she should have been legally killable would be an awesome marketing move.

Here’s a chilling thought for you: a living, breathing parent allowed their child to be used for an ad that says she’s just as worthy of murder as she is of love.

The Agenda Project first made headlines in 2011 with its infamous commercial about Republican Paul Ryan pushing grannies in wheelchairs off of cliffs. It’s safe to say that their tactics err on the side of radicalism.

Ironically enough, even “The Chosen” is too radical to appear on the organization’s own site–or any other one of their social platforms.

Unlike your typical pro-choice ad, “The Chosen” actually endorses what most left-wing, pro-choice, progressive activists tend to deny: That abortion is 100% the same thing as ending a life. Also known as murder.

For decades, Planned Parenthood has argued against claims that they are in the baby-killing business. But when a support group uses a video of a real, live baby and says she deserves to be killed so long as she’s not wanted, I’d say the only business we’re talking about here is that of killing babies.

This isn’t the typical “just a clump of cells” debate. The Agenda Project took a human life, and said “Yes, it is GOOD to kill this person,” because it’s not fair for them to come into a world where they are not wanted.

And need I mention that as appalled as I, and thousands of others are by this heinous video, there are just as many people who are willing to stand up and cheer it on.

We live in a time where 25% of women in America alone endure infertility and pregnancy loss. These women and so many others would do anything to hold a baby in their arms and call it their own. But instead of campaigning for making the unwanted, wanted, The Agenda Project has made it extremely clear that an unwanted baby is not worth giving life to.

She deserves to be loved and she deserves to live. Period.

pro abortion

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