Watch: This Viral Christmas Ad About a Grandpa and His Kettlebell Is Giving Us ALL the Feels

Doc Morris

Doc Morris, a Dutch mail-order pharmacy is leaving the internet a warmer place this week with a viral Christmas commercial that captures the true spirit of the season!

Seriously, it feels like a warm hug for the soul—especially in this socially distant holiday season.

The two-and-a-half minute spot, shows an older man waking up early in the morning and embarking on a new fitness journey with a rusty old kettlebell in his workshop.

At first, he struggles to drag the steel ball outside. His neighbors even throw some skepticism his way, but his determination is a force to be reckoned with.

With the help of an unseen photo and a super fly track suit, the old man shows up every morning to his meeting with the kettlebell.

Squat, lift, out, repeat.

Finally, the big day arrives. The man dresses up for Christmas with his family, and brings a carefully wrapped gift to his daughter’s home.

When he arrives, he’s greeted by his smiling granddaughter, who beams at the sight of the gift. She unwraps it to find a beautiful star for the top of their Christmas tree.

That’s when all of the grandfather’s hard work comes to fruition. He squats down, then lifts his granddaughter up and out, so she can place the star on top of the tree.

Is someone chopping onions?

“So that you can take care of what really matters in life,” is written in German at the end of the commercial, revealing the photograph of his granddaughter he used as inspiration.

The man’s daughter is seen crying tears of pure joy.

Unseen are the 8.3 million people who have viewed the commercial on YouTube, crying along with her!

The heartwarming commercial is in competition on Twitter for the best Holiday ad, along with a Kohl’s commercial that left us all crying at our desks last month.

Thankful today for these little reminders of what’s important this time of year–especially in 2020.

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