WATCH: Kohl’s New Holiday Ad Redeems 2020 as We Know it


We’re entering the final months of this dumpster fire we’re calling 2020, and if there’s one thing almost everyone can agree on, it’s that we could all use a little Christmas spirit right about now.

Kohl’s is embracing the 2020 holiday season for exactly what it is—different. The retailer released its first holiday commercial last week, and we were not prepared for it to wreck us like this.

“This year looks different—and so do our wish lists,” the store wrote in a Facebook post debuting the commercial. “Where once we just wished for things like toys and tech, we’re now wishing for happiness, understanding and kindness more than ever. And time spent together is the greatest gift of all.”

The 90 second clip takes us on a journey of a budding friendship between two neighbors—a young girl, and an elderly woman.

The young girl sees her neighbor through a window in her home, and is struck with an idea. She grabs a scrap piece of cardboard (which happens to be from a Kohl’s box), and rushes to her crayons to write a message. When she holds it up for her neighbor in the window, it simply reads, “Hi,” in big green letters.

The neighbor responds with her own message, “It’s nice to meet you!”

And so, a friendship is born.

We watch as the two continue to exchange different messages from inside of their homes—a poignant nod to the unprecedented times we’re living in this year.

The two share a handful of handwritten messages, before suddenly, the neighbor stops responding. Her last message, an answer about her favorite color, hangs taped to her window as the little girl anxiously awaits another message.

The seasons change, but the poster doesn’t, until suddenly, we arrive at Christmas morning. The little girl wakes up sad, thinking about her neighbor friend who she hasn’t heard from. Just then, she turns to the window and the older woman is back!

She waves to the little girl, a hospital bracelet still on her wrist, signaling the times. Then she writes a message to her young friend: “Did you get what you wished for?”

The little girl nods her head “yes” with excited assurance.

I’m not crying, YOU’RE crying!!

“This year looks different because the world is different. So give with all your heart,” the caption concludes. “Happy holidays—early—from Kohl’s.”

Y’all, I was not prepared for this! And neither was the internet.

“Kohl’s, you put into pictures and words what has been in many hearts during 2020,” one commenter wrote. “Beautiful!”

“This is the best expression of the times,” wrote another, with many praising the retailer for nailing 2020 in a “sweet and touching way.”

May we give with all our hearts this holiday season!

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