WARNING: Netflix Show ‘Big Mouth’ Promotes Abortion to Teens, Launches Online Masturbation Game

Big Mouth

It’s no secret that the world of Netflix is not safe for kids, but the streaming media giant’s original series, Big Mouth, is taking things to a whole new level this season by promoting abortion and encouraging kids to participate in a virtual masturbation game.

The raunchy animated series follows a group of tweens (literally, 12 and 13-year-old characters) as they navigate the murky waters of puberty with coarse language and vulgar sex “jokes.”

There’s nothing funny about Big Mouth.

big mouth

In an episode this season appropriately titled “Planned Parenthood,” creators of the show went out of their way to do more than just normalize abortion. They downright PROMOTE it.

“The entire episode was devoted to convincing twelve and thirteen-year-old students on the merits of Planned Parenthood,” reviewer Karen Townsend of Newsbusters wrote.

The 30 minute Planned Parenthood episode includes scenes of the sex education teacher, Coach Steve, boasting about having unprotected sex.

When the conversation turns to STD’s and unwanted pregnancies one student suggests Steve go to a Planned Parenthood for more information. A different student then calls Planned Parenthood an “abortion factory,” but is quickly met with an argumentative classmate who says, “Jay, you don’t know what you’re talking about. You’ve never even been to a Planned Parenthood.” Jay defends himself by saying he’s been in the car several times with his lawyer dad when he’s dropped his receptionist off at the clinic.

Did I mention this show isn’t funny?

Jay is told by a girl that “abortions make up only a tiny percentage of what” Planned Parenthood does.

Planned Parenthood is the nation’s largest abortion provider.

Another scene shows a mother daydreaming about the time she had a one night stand with a creepy stranger, and found out weeks later that she was pregnant. They show her in the Planned Parenthood waiting room, then a Planned Parenthood office, then wearing an oxygen mask to undergo the abortion procedure.

You guys, this is absolutely sick. This is only ONE episode. And the obscenity doesn’t stop there.

In an effort to promote the puberty-focused cartoon, Netflix recently launched a new Facebook game called “Hand Masters, The First International Masturbation Game” presented by Big Mouth.

Big Mouth

The object of the game is to vigorously shake your smartphone in a manner that emulates male masturbation for 20 seconds. The faster you shake the phone, the higher your score.

In a tweet promoting the game, @BigMouth stated that “it’s time to play with yourself.”

Users are asked to “generate your d— name,” which is decided by a slot machine that spits out three word combinations of nicknames one might call their junk. Things like, ”Principal Enormous Manhood,” “The Hungry Banana,” “The Jumbo Pepper,” or “Great Precious Sausage,” just to name a few.

The lower your score, the more likely you are to receive messages at the end of each round with vulgar remarks like, “you’re jerking off at a sixth grade level.” Higher scores get poked at with blurbs that say, “You’re all right but you can’t go all night.”

As if your blood isn’t already boiling, here’s this little gem to set you over the edge. The game also includes “sex ed tips,” better known as just sex tips. Things like, “Put your tongue underneath her tongue,” and “If you hump, you can’t dump.”

“Kids are going to be experimenting and I guess a certain amount of that is normal and to be expected, but I don’t think it’s something that is healthy or constructive for kids to be given this message in this way or encouraging this kind of behavior,” Melissa Henson, Program Director for The Parents Television Council said. “It is crude, debasing and demeaning. There is a whole litany of adjectives you could apply to this. I don’t think anybody would say that this is healthy or developmentally appropriate for a teenager or junior high school aged kid or prepubescent-aged kid.”

Parents! Puberty, sex, growing up, and ABORTION are no joking matter.

This show is rated TV-MA, and not recommended for children under the age of 16. I would argue it’s not suitable for anyone of any age, when it comes to protecting our tweens and teens.

It’s hard enough to teach our kids about puberty as it is. I’m not interested in some crude TV show taking the liberty of doing that for me in a way that encourages my children to believe abortions are perfectly normal, and masturbation — something that can easily become a highly addictive activity—is a GAME.

Big Mouth may be a cartoon, but it most definitely is not one that will be playing in my house. I’m appalled that Netflix would stream such profanity, and I’m not alone. A quick google search reveals COUNTLESS petitions to have the show removed from the streaming site.

As of right now the “wonderful, critically acclaimed animated series” has not been renewed for a third season. We have a voice mamas, and it’s important for the safety of our kids, that we speak up and use it.

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