Top News Stories Moms Need to Know About TODAY – December 15, 2017

net neutrality

What’s up, Mamas? It’s Jenny, And I’m here once again today to break down the top news stories for you, mom-style! The news in our feeds can get pretty humdrum from time to time, so here are a few stories that matter especially to you and me as moms.

1. The FCC Pulled the Plug on Net Neutrality

net neutrality

Yesterday the Federal Communications Commission repealed Net Neutrality, legislation that was passed during the Obama administration to, according to CNN, “keep the Internet open and fair.” Net Neutrality was put into place to keep telecom companies from favoring one website over another. For instance, AT&T for example, might choose to let its customers view The Huffington Post at a very high internet speed, while giving smaller sites like this one you’re reading right now a slow, crappy speed.

This is bad for small business owners who work on the Internet because they won’t have the money to strike a deal with the Internet providers for favorable speeds like the giant sites will. So, small business owners who work on the web won’t be able to compete. It’s bad for consumers because it will enable telecom companies to sell you a “package deal” to get high internet speeds on sites you use often like Facebook, Netflix, and Hulu. So unless this gets overturned, we are ALL about to start paying a LOT MORE to have Internet speeds that aren’t awful. CNN also reports that Ajit Pai, the FCC chairman appointed by President Trump, has framed the repeal as getting the government to “stop micromanaging the internet.”

I think they can micromanage away if it means small biz owners and consumers won’t get the short end of the stick. Net Neutrality is a GOOD thing and I hope it is put back into place soon! But we will ALL have to be willing to protest and take action to get this repeal overturned. For more on why this repeal is bad bad bad, check out this video from mom blogger, writer, and funny video-maker extraordinaire, Mary Katherine Backstrom of Mom Babble.

2. Ohio lawmakers send Down syndrome abortion law to Governor John Kasich

net neutrality reports that the Ohio general assembly has voted positively on a law to make it illegal for Ohioans to get an abortion because their unborn child has or is likely to have Down syndrome. Women would not be punished for getting such an abortions, but doctors who perform them because of Down syndrome would be subject to fourth-degree felony charges punishable with up to 18 months in prison and a $5,000 fine. says that while Ohio doesn’t keep track of the reason for abortions, national studies have shown that the abortion rate for a pre-natal Down syndrome diagnosis is 50-85%. As someone who loves some amazing people with Down syndrome, this upsets me very much. Their lives are absolutely worth living and our world would be a much sadder place without Down syndrome. Instead of encouraging abortions, we should offer up hope and education about how much there is to love about a life with Down syndrome. Obviously, I am hoping Kasich signs this into law, because it will be not a victory for pro-life as much as a victory for people with disabilities who are constantly having to defend their right to BE ALIVE.

3. Powerful men in entertainment continue to quit or get fired over sexual harassment and assault accusations

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From the director of “Super Size Me” to a judge on “The Great American Baking Show,” men from all over the entertainment industry continue to drop like flies over sexual wrongdoing in the workplace. Moms, this could be our sons one day, ruining their own lives over SEX, if we don’t teach them well NOW. So talk to your sons. Talk to them about respect for women, about God’s design for healthy sexual relationships, and about staying away from porn, which science has proved, takes our boys’ brains from normal-functioning and being prone to seeing women as objects and gives them predatory impulses. And teach your daughters their value, worth, and to ALWAYS tell when it comes to being the victim of this behavior!

Net Neutrality, Down syndrome, and sexual harassment—those are your important news stories for moms today. Have a great weekend, Mama Friends!

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