To the Christian Ready to Pull Your Hair Out Over the Election


Have you been ready to pull your hair out since…last year? Before the nation’s two largest political parties even had their nominees???

I know I have. 

It’s a fun thing, wondering when you unlock your phone in the morning if you’re going to be blood boiling pissed off by the time you get off of social media, or if you’ll just have to settle for being depressed. Or both.

I’m going to have an aside with my fellow believers for just a moment, because I think that this is really, really important:

I have read so many social media posts, comments, articles and blog posts with the same redundant message: if Christians vote for or side with candidate x, they aren’t true believers.

I have read those sentiments from people on both sides of the political aisle. I think that line of thinking probably frustrates me the most out of all this election hoopla.

Look, I get it.

As a Christian (or anybody for that matter) you want to vote and do the “right” thing. But we can all probably agree that there are…issues with BOTH candidates, right?


I’m pretty sure that if you looked past the glossy veneer of either candidate, you will find deeply unpleasant truths about each of them without having to actually look all that hard.

In fact, I’m also certain that if you also looked at the history of our great nation, you will find that she has many black eyes and bruises, maybe even a festering wound or two that we always seem to collectively overlook.

But when you also look at her for what she is, for what she was created to do, how can you possibly be in denial that she’s…beautiful?

Because she is us.

Because we were made in God’s image, and all beautiful things, no matter their size, shape, color or creed come from the ultimate creator of beauty.


But do you have a flag?

It gives me a lump in my throat when I think too long about it. I love my country, and I so very much want to see her do the right thing.

So what gives?

What are we supposed to do when we literally can’t even? When we aren’t sure of what the right answer is?

Do we convince ourselves that if so and so wins, things can go back to the way they were, the way they are “supposed”to be. Is the best answe one that allows us simply to sleep a lot easier for the next four years?

Is that all it takes to see God’s kingdom come on Earth as it is in heaven? To cast our vote behind the curtain?

Do we really believe that the fate of our nation hinges on one political election? Are we really at the darkest political precipice mankind has ever known?

Or did we start making the wrong choices a long time ago? Haven’t we been on this collision course since the garden of Eden, and since creation was…created?

See? So many uncomfortable questions that we really need to ask ourselves. And come on, if we are going to examine our political culture through the lens of Christianity, let’s take a moment and also examine ourselves a bit more. 

I don’t know about you, but for a while now…I have taken Jesus out of the political equation. And it isn’t because I want to do what is politically expedient come election Tuesday in November.

It’s because I honestly believe that you cannot distill enough of Jesus to make Him fit into one political party. 

There. I said it.

You cannot put Jesus into the meat grinder and hope to mince up enough of him to put in your recipe for political perfection. He doesn’t work that way. And that is a very dangerous game.

We can say that Jesus would be on the “right” because He would be in favor of all of us understanding the virtue of hard work, of being good stewards of what we have. We can say that it’s because He’d favor the freedom to worship, and the strength of the body when the individual members are strong. We can say that because of a lot of reasons. 

We can say that Jesus would be on the “left” because He would be in favor of accepting all people to the table. We can say that it is because He would want us to give portions of our income to those who are less fortunate. We can say that it’s because He would want us to be compassionate above all. We can say that because of a lot of reasons.

We can say that all of those points are true, and yet, none of them are exactly the truth. Because the ultimate solutions have nothing to do with which side’s candidate wins.

Both sides want to use Jesus as a means to legislate, not evangelize. Both sides want to use Jesus as a means to win an election, not for outreach. 

Do we want to be a nation that on the surface does the “right” thing, but bears no actual fruit? Do we really believe that if an undesirable political candidate reaches the highest office in the land that that is the darkest hour we could ever imagine?

Or do we have actual faith that churns in our hearts even in the midst of difficulty and uncertainty?

In all actuality, the game of politics is one that is purely man made.

Christ can call be called down on both sides of this argument, by people who mean well. But wecannot legislate this way. Because we cannot turn hearts to Jesus this way.

The way we bring a lost nation back to Christ is by getting on our knees and prostrating ourselves before an almighty God. The way that we turn our people back to the thing that matters most is for those of us who claim to be part of the kingdom of heaven to take that command seriously, every day of every year, and not just during an election year.

I’m not telling you which side to vote for. You must search that answer out for yourselves. 

But you must also remember that God is sovereign, and He is in control. He will allow to happen whatever it is that He allows. The wonderful, wonderful thing about the gospel is that its message is not just pertinent every four years. It’s here for us every day.


It’s just time we started living like we did.


This post originally appeared at Ashley’s Devotions.

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