Dear Person Who Friended Me on Facebook Just to Recruit Me Into Your Direct Sales Business

I appreciate that you’re working your direct sales business, but I don’t appreciate you befriending me as a business prospect.

Dear ‘Friends’,

I use that term loosely. I guess we’re “friends” now, because I was foolish enough to accept your Facebook friend request. I thought since we had mutual friends I MUST know you, and I didn’t want to appear rude, SO…I just clicked “confirm.” I’m sorry about that. You see, that was a SERIOUS fail on my part. If I had only clicked through to your profile and seen that you sold “XYZ Direct Sales Product,” I would not have accepted the request.

But I didn’t. It took me THREE TIMES to learn my lesson, too. So now there are three of you “friends” coming after me to be on your team, interrupting my already busy, over-communicated life with MORE MESSAGES. And I will OWN that. That’s on ME. But let me make up for my faults by encouraging you not to put anyone else in this position. In short, it’s just NOT COOL.


Now before I got any further, let me say that I wholeheartedly support my ACTUAL friends who are in Direct Sales. I’ve got a Pampered Chef Girl,  two Norwex girls, a Rodan + Fields Girl, a Mary Kay Girl,  an Essential Oils Girl, a Thirty-One girl, an Advocare Guy, and a LuLaRoe Girl. I PROBABLY have more even that I can’t think of. I support all these people, because I like to buy from my ACTUAL FRIENDS. And if I were going to go into direct sales myself, I would go into it with one of them. People I ALREADY know and trust. I’m a nice person, and I acutally LOVE meeting new people and making new friends..but NOT like this!! If you want to be friends with me, let’s meet THROUGH our mutual friends for coffee or something and take it slow!

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Because see, I already HAVE a job that I love right now. And I get a paycheck that I work hard for. I don’t, like you, post about it on Facebook every time I get paid though. I also don’t post the exact amount of that paycheck, because that’s just CRASS. But it’s ok for you to do that for some reason. Why? I have no idea. Personally, it just turns me off.

Look, girl, I can see that you are HUSTLIN’ and workin’ hard for the money, and I appreciate that. But if you’re not already my friend, don’t friend request me, comment on my stuff for two weeks, and then give me your pitch. Yeah, yeah, I know you’re trying to “help” me with an “opportunity”—but again, I’ve GOT people for that. And if I ever decide to take the leap, it will be with someone I already know and trust.

So, I wish you the BEST of luck, I truly do, but I hope you’ll drop this marketing tactic from your business plan. Because it’s ICK, and receiving THREE pitches from people I don’t really know in ONE day finally sent me over the edge.

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Please – don’t be party to sending anyone else over the edge.

Go get ’em TIGER—but do it in a better way.

Peace Out!


Jenny Rapson
Jenny Rapson is a follower of Christ, a wife and mom of three from Ohio and a freelance writer and editor. You can email her at [email protected], or follow her on Twitter.