23 Pregnant Halloween Costumes to Embrace Your Bump

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15. Wilson from Castaway

Especially if you live in warmer climates, this costume captures the two main characters from Castaway. Your bump is Wilson, the volleyball.

16. Give Into Your Cravings

What do you crave while you’re pregnant? Tell all as you let your kids dress as your favorite pregnancy cravings.

17. Smee from Captain Hook

Let your belly hang below your shirt just like the delightful Smee from Catpain Hook. This is another comfy costume that needs just a striped shirt and an iconic red hat. Add an inexpensive pair of reading glasses as a nice touch.

18. Sports Fanatic

Bellies and sports balls are both conveniently round. Whether you choose tennis, basketball, baseball, or any other ball, invite your husband to be the referee.

19. Humpty Dumpty

You’re probably already rehearsing a number of nursery rhymes as you prepare for your little’s arrival. Why not don the look of Humpty Dumpty this Halloween?

20. Throwback to Care Bares

Whether Tenderheart Bear or Grumpy Bear, look for a one-piece set of pajamas at the store or create your own look with the same colored shirt and pants. Just add ears and the belly graphic from your favorite bear.

21. Snowman

Winter is just around the corner, so why not try this easy snowman costume? With many things you already have, you can create this look quickly.

22. Gumball Machine

Grab a bag of brightly colored puff balls from your local craft store, and glue them onto a white T-shirt. Add red pants and a red hat, and you’re good-to-go!

23. Enjoy Your Little Pumpkin

However you choose to dress this Halloween, be sure to take a moment to savor the season together. Soon, you’ll have another costume to craft for your little one.

Include the Family While Thinking of Maternity Halloween Costumes

You can brainstorm a theme for the entire family to join in the fun with these pregnant Halloween costumes. Enjoy tossing around ideas and finding ways to make this Halloween extra special. Consider making a batch of pumpkin cookies early in October and talk about what costumes you’d like to try this year. Let spouses and kids of all ages participate in preparing for and enjoying Halloween.

Janna Firestone
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