Cute Girls Hairstyles Tutorials: Top 10 Best Hairstyles of All Time

These cute girls hairstyles are all the rage. Here are cute girls hairstyles on youtube that will teach you exactly how to do it. Trust me, if I can do it, so can you.

Here are my top 10 favorite cute girls hairstyles! 

  1. Side french braids. Great for soccer girls!

2.  This pull-thru ponytail is adorbs! The key is in the puff!

3. Feather Waterfall & Ladder Braid Combo. The feather waterfall is my fav here. If you have had a hard time in the past mastering the traditional Waterfall Braid, this is a great technique that looks nearly the same… but might be easier for beginners!

3. The split headband. This hairstyle can totally be worn on short hair, medium hair, or long hair.

4. Crown Braid 

This is a simple dutch braid combined with a few “toddler proof” tricks to help your hairdo stay in place all day!

5. French Twist into Side Braid

I love the loose and romantic look of this braid. It’s super easy and a great style hair that’s a little dirty and you want to pull it back but still look good.

6. Double Braided Buns 

These are so simple and easy. Just start with pigtails, braid them, pancake, wrap it and tuck! This is great for mornings before school.

7. Fan Bun

Great for just hanging out and wanting something simple. Just start in a ponytail, loosen it a bit, make a hole with 2 fingers, grab the hair thru, fan the hair and wrap the rest around the base. It’s a poofball!

8. Perfect Messy Bun

Who doesn’t like a messy bun? So easy!

9. 1-minute hairstyles for little girls.

These hairstyles are so creative and easy. I wouldn’t have thought that simply using a ribbon or fake flower makes such a sweet and unique look.

10.  Rope braids

Perfect styles for school when we don’t have a lot of time to get ready!

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