Safety Concerns Over Weighted Sleep Products for Infants: What Parents Need to Know

The use of weighted sleep products for infants, such as sleep sacks and blankets, has sparked growing concern among experts and parents alike. These products, advertised as aids to help infants sleep better, are now under scrutiny for their safety. Recent statements from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) have highlighted potential risks, including multiple fatalities associated with their use. Here’s a closer look at the controversy and what parents need to know.

The Growing Popularity and Concerns

In recent years, sleep-deprived parents have turned to weighted sleep sacks and blankets, hoping to find relief and better sleep for their babies. These products, like those from Dreamland Baby and Nested Bean, are marketed to help infants fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer by mimicking the feeling of a parent’s hand on the baby’s chest. However, the safety of these products has come into question.

Expert Warnings

The American Academy of Pediatrics has strongly advised against the use of weighted sleep products for infants. AAP President Dr. Ben Hoffman emphasized the risks: “Anything that limits a baby’s movement or might impact their ability to breathe and move their chest is going to put a baby at risk, and that’s just not acceptable.” The primary concern is that weighted products can potentially restrict an infant’s breathing or movement, leading to dangerous outcomes.

The CPSC has echoed these concerns, stating that it is investigating multiple fatalities associated with weighted sleep products. While the agency has not yet concluded its investigation, it has urged parents not to use these products for their babies.

Real-Life Experiences

For new parents like Gloria Gamboa, the allure of products promising better sleep is strong. Gamboa, a mother of twin boys, was desperate for sleep solutions and purchased weighted sleep sacks. However, upon receiving them, she was immediately alarmed by their weight. “I was just like, oh my God, this is so heavy,” Gamboa recalled. Her maternal instincts led her to forgo their use, fearing the potential risks.

Manufacturer Responses

Despite the warnings, manufacturers of these products maintain that they are safe. Mony Gangan, CEO of Nested Bean, insisted that their products are not linked to any fatalities and are designed to be safe. “Our products feature a pouch filled with plastic beads that rests on a baby’s chest, mimicking a parent’s hand with just one ounce of weight, which is like a slice of bread,” she explained. Gangan pointed to a study commissioned by her company, which she claims showed no adverse effects on babies’ breathing or heart rates.

Tara Williams, CEO of Dreamland Baby, also defended the safety of her products, noting that her company is guided by a medical board led by a pediatrician. Williams mentioned that her products are based on studies of weighted products used in hospitals and that a clinical trial is currently underway.

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