6 Surprising and Fascinating Facts About Twins

Beyond entertainment and sports, twins have also influenced the academic and business sectors. Julian and Adrian Riester were Franciscan brothers who lived nearly identical lives and died on the same day, reflecting a synchronicity that baffled many.

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6. Surprising Statistics and Records About Twins

The occurrence of twin births has been increasing globally due to various factors, including advanced maternal age and the rise of fertility treatments. Countries like Benin have remarkably high rates of twin births. Additionally, twins hold records for various achievements, including being astronauts and CEOs of major companies.

For instance, Mark and Scott Kelly are identical twins who both became NASA astronauts and took part in a study on the effects of space travel on the human body, comparing the changes in Mark, who remained on Earth, with those of Scott, who spent a year in space.

The world of twins is filled with fascinating stories, scientific inquiries, and cultural nuances. As we study these intriguing facts about twins, we gain more than just knowledge about twins; we learn about human nature itself. Whether identical or fraternal, twins continue to intrigue and inspire, offering endless material for both scientific study and general fascination.

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