Don’t Be Mad at Beth Moore For Speaking Out About Sexual Assault

Moore further incurred the wrath of evangelicals last week when she added her voice to the #whyididntreport movement. Though the hashtag was started in response to the Kavanaugh/Ford Supreme Court testimony, Moore’s tweet, (seen below) doesn’t need to be seen as anti-Kavanaugh. It needs to be seen as pro-victims of sexual assault. You see, our society has taken to shaming women not only for being victims of sexual assault, but for failing to act how we think they should act after they are traumatized and assaulted. There are plenty of reasons that women do not run directly to police after being sexually assaulted. Here is Beth Moore’s:

In my opinion, the proper response to a tweet of this nature is love and compassion. A great example: a tweet like the one from Southern Baptist ethics chair Russell Moore, who is no relation to Beth.

I find this tweet by Bible teacher at Dr. Carol Swain to be the opposite of Russell Moore’s…and well, GROSS.

Female victims of sexual assault have been told to keep their mouth shut for far too many years. It’s very sad to see here another Christian woman is telling Beth Moore basically to shut up and stick to what makes the rest of us feel comfortable.

A quick look through the Gospel tells me that Jesus often spoke to people about things that made them feel uncomfortable. Jesus also often expressed opinions that were unpopular. Jesus looked upon those who had been sexually abused or even convicted of sexual sin with compassion. I asked him to love one another and to treat our neighbors as we want to be treated. Put your self in Beth Moore’s shoes. Imagine that you were the victim of sexual assault. Then imagine how you would want to be treated when you were finally brave enough to start telling your story. Treat her that way. Treat all victims of sexual assault that way.

Jesus would not tell Beth Moore to be quiet about sexual assault. And neither should we.

Thank you, Beth. God’s call on your life has never been more evident.

Jenny Rapson
Jenny Rapson
Jenny is a follower of Christ, a wife and mom of three from Ohio and a freelance writer and editor.

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