God Always Has Reasons, Trust His Plan

Plans don’t go the way we planned because He has reasons.Trust his plan.

Maybe you did not get the highest score because He wants you to learn humility at that time of your life. So when you become an adult, you’ll know that getting the highest score doesn’t already mean you are the smartest person.

Maybe you did not get the dream job you want because He needs you to serve Him in a field where you’re needed more. Maybe you did not own the properties you’re eyeing for so many years because He teaches you to value the more important things in life. He teaches you that in life, the most important things are not really material things. Maybe you did not get that ‘YES’ from Him because He waits for you to seek Him consistently and talk to Him through prayers every night. He waits for you, so you have to wait for His answers also.

He holds the key to our life.

Our life has long been written by Him and so we must know that even if our plans do not succeed right now, soon it will — at the right time and at the right place as set by Him.

We just have to trust Him. 


This post originally appeared at Thought Catalog, published with permission.

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