The Proverbs 32 Man: It’s Time Define The Ideal Man

Women have had their Proverbs chapter long enough, and my wife’s written about how she’s pretty much failed at following it. I think it’s time for the men.

It’s time we define the ideal man to whom we should compare all men, from henceforth and forevermore, regardless of context or culture, giftedness or calling, personality or preference. THIS is the perfect man.

Now, this isn’t some sort of legalistic standard we’re going to hold all men to. It’s just sort of a guideline for men to aspire to. It’s good for men to have goals and examples. If a guy feels bad because he isn’t as awesome as the Proverbs 32 Man, he shouldn’t. He should be encouraged and challenged to try harder, to honor God with his manhood. Proverbs 32 can provide a sort of prayer guide for the man who falls short, giving him something to lean into and press into and run hard towards. He should humbly allow this interpretation of perfection to take him deeper than his feet could ever wander.

The Proverbs 32 Man

Who can find the perfect man? A man who’ll actually stop for a bathroom break, or ask for directions?  Where is this man?  Tell me if you know.

He’s a businessman, survivor man, romantic man, warrior-poet man, and a soft man.  He cries when he needs to and holds you when he’s supposed to, and yet he can karate chop the tusks off of a hippo when necessary. (I don’t know that that would ever be necessary, but this is The Message version, ok?)

His wife can trust him to get the right kind of cheese at Target, and NOT stop at McDonald’s on the way home.  He will help the children to eat healthy and exercise regularly.

He is energetic and spunky, especially when accomplishing the honey-do list, but he calms down appropriately when inside.

His hands are busy paying bills and writing checks to pay for all the wool and flax his wife’s hands are busily spinning.

He helps the poor and the needy, but he never lets them get the house dirty or interrupt date night.

He looks good in a suit but is always modest.

He has no fear of winter, for his wardrobe includes plaid flannel for pseudo-adventuring in tightly-controlled national forests and hip coffee spots. (Plaid is required in both places, as is facial hair, which he has plenty of.)

Jonathan Trotter
Jonathan Trotter
Jonathan lives in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, with his wife of fifteen years and their four kids. He serves with Team Expansion, inviting people to follow Jesus through storytelling and heart-focused pastoral counseling. In addition to his work with Cambodians, Jonathan also loves learning from and sharing with international teenagers (and their parents), and regularly speaks at events for expat youth. Before crossing the Pacific, Jonathan studied law, served as a youth pastor for ten years, and worked as a trauma nurse for three. Blog: Facebook: Twitter: @trotters41

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