What to Do When Your Past Revisits You

Be intentional.
The reality is, as much as we’d like the past to stay put, it doesn’t always do so easily. Process, don’t stuff, emotions. Be intentional. Talk through things with a trusted friend or counselor, but don’t allow the past to haunt you or steal your present joy. Keep moving forward, and remember, a God of grace goes before us, so let’s give ourselves a little too.

Learn and lay it down.
Jesus isn’t holding yesterday against us. He isn’t asking us to rehash memories and relive mistakes. We are flawed, forgetful and fickle, but still worthy of His love. Learn, grow, and allow this situation to change you for the better. Rather than replay the past, celebrate what God is doing in your life now.

That night, I stared up at the ceiling, all the why, how and what happened questions perched on my brain. In that moment, I realized I had done all I could. With no ill will, and for lack of a “sorta-kinda acquaintances” feature, I confirmed for Facebook that we were no longer “friends.” For me, it was the better, wiser, healthier choice.

The past needed to be laid to rest. Maybe yours does too.

It would be peachy if God covered all our questions over the past with simple answers and favorable solutions. But life.

Rather than give us what we want, God provides what we need. His purpose is not to inform us, but to transform us. And friend, that’s a far greater future to fix our eyes on. ??

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Tiffany Parry
Tiffany Parry
Tiffany is marveled by the endless grace and relentless love of her Savior in this life that can be so messy, too busy, and entirely imperfect. Her heart is to share God’s precious promises of grace and love with others and invite them into honest and authentic conversations about faith and life. Tiffany welcomes you to join the journey at her blog, Simply for One, or on Facebook and Instagram.

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