Motherhood Is a Battlefield

There are seasons in every mom’s journey through motherhood that are filled with frustration, tears, and those weary days that threaten to crush our spirits.

Sometimes it’s a child’s behavior and we struggle to manage our out-of-control offspring.

Sometimes it’s learning a child is struggling in school and wondering about the future.

Sometimes it’s the day to day grind that has us worn out and in need of change.

Whatever your struggle, whatever your heartache, you’re not alone.

I’m there with you, friend, in the trenches of motherhood, and know the road you are walking.

While our journeys may be different, the ache of our heart is the same.

We are weary to the core and in need of refuge from the struggles and the strife.

But on our path of child-rearing, we weren’t left to find the way by ourselves.

God provided His Word as the ultimate parenting book and hasn’t deserted the weary mom or left her fumbling on her own to figure things out.

On those days or in those seasons when your mom heart is troubled and you’re longing for rest, there’s a dash of hope and a ray of sunshine in the darkness; Jesus.

He reminds us in His Word what we as moms are up against.

We think we battle child disobedience and tantrums, yet we battle so much more.

Remember, we’re at war

I’ve never thought of parenting as a battle until recently, when I read Ephesians 6: 12-18.

I was reminded how we are in a spiritual fight against evil, even in our favorite place, the home.

The evil one wants nothing more than to tear apart our family.

He greedily wants their little hearts and minds to succomb to the sin he taunts them with and makes that sin look so desireable.

He wants them disobedient and to cause conflict in the home, dividing families and hearts from the unity of Christ.

He doesn’t want us to minister to our children and lavish them with grace.

He doesn’t want us moms to find hope in the Lord on those hard days.

He wants us to live defeated, so we’re unable to and feel unqualified to point our children to Jesus.

He wants to use the sin nature of our children to test us, and wear us down.

Moms, when we live defeated on those weary days, we are giving the evil one victory in our lives and in our homes.

Sarah Ann
Sarah Ann
Hello, new friends! I'm Sarah Ann, author at Faith Along the Way and lover of deep conversations and authentic friendships. I'm a perfectly imperfect wife and mom, but am saved by grace. With a child on the Autism Spectrum and a toddler, there's never a dull moment in my house! Bargain hunting, promoting health and Young Living Essential Oils are my favorites. I'd be honored if you visited my home on the web, Faith Along the Way where I inspire hope, encourage faith, and celebrate families. And I'd love it even more if you followed me on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and Google +.

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