Silent Volleyball Crowd Allows Player’s Brother With Autism and Noise Sensitivity to Watch

How to navigate large crowds with someone who has noise sensitivity

Parents desire for the entire family to engage in events and activities. But, many need tips as they help a child with autism navigate crowds and large events.

Within an article from Autism Parenting Magazine, Jamie Carter, PhD, offers these ideas and strategies to help someone with autism and auditory sensitivities navigate the sounds and sights of a large crowd.

  1. Manage your own expectations and emotional reactions.
  2. Don’t schedule multiple events for the same day.
  3. If you are going to attend an event with a great deal of sensory stimulation, consider using noise-canceling headphones for noise, sunglasses for light, or a sachet to block odors that may be offensive to your child.
  4. Although there may be many activities at the event, your child may not be interested in them.
  5. Realize that your goal of attending an event as a family may not be realistic.

Read the full article, 5 Simple Ways to Help Your Child with ASD Cope with Crowded Events.

Janna Firestone
Janna Firestone
Janna lives in Northern Colorado with her husband and two teenage boys. You’ll often find her hiking, paddleboarding, or enjoying a good board game indoors. She's an unapologetic Dallas Cowboys fan, and an even bigger fan of coffee, dry shampoo, and authentic conversations.

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