BarkBox Subscription for Your Dogs Is Worth Every Penny

BarkBox is a great solution for families like ours who are always on the lookout for great toys and treats that will help keep our furry family members happy and busy. Both our dogs are chewers, and toys are the best way to keep them from destroying things like furniture.

A monthly subscription, BarkBox delivers a curated collection of doggy toys, treats and fun sure to delight your pup at an affordable price. They definitely live up to their promise of high-quality, reliable products that keep your canine entertained, but best of all, they’re one of the least expensive subscription box services I’ve found.

The simple sign-up process lets you choose your dogs’ size, sex, and breed along with the length of the subscription plan, and then you just kick back and wait for your box to show up!

Each month the box has a new themed adventure with a variety of toys and treats to give your pups plenty of fun. The combined cost of the swag is much higher than what you pay for the monthly subscription, (which is delivered directly to your door), so it makes sense in more ways than one.

Since all of the goodies are tested out by the BarkBox team of pooches, you get peace-of-mind knowing that everything comes only from trusted, reliable vendors using the highest quality ingredients.

Although every month has a different theme, the boxes usually include two toys, two full-sized bags of treats, and some type of doggie chew. A card is always included displaying the variations of toys your pup could have received, and generally a type of social media contest.


The June 2018 BarkBox Subscription Box that our doggies got to try out was the prom-themed “Squeakhearts Under the Stars” BarkBox. It came with a cute “Take A Prom Pic” card that had a pop-out bowtie and corsage you could fasten to your dog’s collar, but neither Thor or Boomer kept them on long enough for me to snap a pic.


BarkBox 2


“Andrew the Hopeful Nerd” – Value $14

Thor went straight after Andrew as soon as the box was open, though both dogs had turns with each toy. With an abundance of squeakers, a hidden spiky ball, the loud crinkle noises, and t-shirt rope legs, Thor was entertained for a long time ripping out all the stuffing and the treasures inside.



BarkBox 3

“Click N’ Rip Camera” – Value $12:

Our first toy is a soft plush toy featuring the Click N’ Rip Camera, and both our pups were eager to grab it out of the box and played tug-of –war with it until I pulled out the second toy. Made with t-shirt rope, it’s it a little stretchy and also safer if your dog happens to swallow any of it. Both the camera and film roll have hidden spiky ball cores, which are still keeping our pups entertained.

BarkBox 4


“Piggin’ Out Pizza Treats” (5 oz)

With pork, bacon and cheese these treats were a huge hit with Thor and Boomer and the smell grabbed their attention quickly. And they are made in the USA, which we love. Our dogs are picky about their treats, but gobbled these up pretty fast and the kids have been using them to teach them a few new tricks.

BarkBox 5

“Baaallroom Dance” Treats (4.5 oz)

Named Baaallroom because these goodies have lamb in them, as well as duck, they’re also made in the USA. Our pups loved these treats too and we’re excited to have another treat on hand to keep Thor and Boomer happy while also being healthy.

BarkBox 6

Etta Says! 7” Deluxe Lamb Chew

Another hit with our boys, this lamb chew is pretty high in protein and grain free. We broke it in half and let each dog have a bit. They were begging for more in no time and we feel pretty good about these treats so we’ll probably end up buying a few straight from BarkBox to keep around.

BarkBox 7


Since our dogs go through toys pretty fast, new ones coming straight to our door every month is a time and money saver for me. And it help keeps our treats supply well stocked without having to waste too much time reading labels and taking chances on grocery store varieties.

BarkBox 8

There are two options for those dogs that need more durable toys. You can either customize your BarkBox to receive tougher plush toys, like something that requires a little more work with extra filling.

Another big advantage to the subscription box from BarkBox, unlike toys bought at the store, if your pup isn’t thrilled with an item, BarkBox will ship a replacement for free!

BarkBox realizes that some of our furry friends have allergies, so they make their goodies wheat, corn, and soy free. If your dog is allergic to beef, chicken, or turkey, you can ask BarkBox for the special allergy-friendly option which contain none of those ingredients. If anyone has any concerns about the edible goodies, BarkBox encourages you to reach out to their Customer Service team.

For a greedy dog like Thor, a new set of playthings each month seems to be just the right thing to keep him happy. I know the kids enjoy having a stash of treats handy just as much as the dogs like it, and it helps knowing that the treats are healthy and high quality.

Barkbox promo

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