Why I Will No Longer Apologize For My Story—Or My Daughter’s

In the short 9.5 months since my daughter was brought into the world, I’ve learned that people pity her for what she came into. They pity that she has no visible father, that she is in a single parent home–basically that she “lacks” in some way. Now, don’t get me wrong, I know that being a single parent isn’t easy (believe me, I live it every day), but there isn’t anything wrong with it. When people hear “single parent”, they often stereotype and think of a woman in particular, typically who has multiple children, lives in poverty in a run down apartment, is unsuccessful, etc. They think of a child who does poorly in school, who isn’t well taken care of, and is basically not well provided for. Being in a single parent home doesn’t necessarily mean we are struggling, that my child isn’t being fed, or that I’m out looking for a replacement for my baby’s father. Any one of these things could be true or false about me or any other single parent you see.

I want to get something straight before I continue. No person can take the place of an absent parent, but I have a God who is powerful enough to override that void. He is not an in and out Father or an absent Father. He will never disappoint us like every single one of us has already done and will surely do again.

Shea Sweet
Shea Sweet
Shea is a 23 year old single mother of 10 month old Adelaide, and a follower of the Most High King. Having gone through everything from miscarriage and infertility, to divorce, and with her current season of  single motherhood, she's been through it all. Shea is a hairdresser in Dallas, Texas, and started sharing her thoughts and experiences in writing through her current project, dearadelaiderosalie.com. Between the bittersweet existence that is being a single mother and her experiences growing up in a broken family, Shea has a heart for single parents and a passion for helping them beat the stereotype. You can follow Shea and Adelaide on instagram.com/shea.sweet

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