Dear Daughter: I Don’t Want You to Grow Up to Be ‘Whatever You Want to Be’

Dear daughter,

These days we say grace and bedtime prayers.

We read through that tiny bible and I tell you about how there is a God who loves you, who made you, who has plans for you. And you listen and you believe because I can still scoop you up.

I can still hold on to you.

But someday, someday you will hear different ideas.

You will be inundated with media that screams a different message to you.

And like eve and that fruit, you will be drawn to this message.

And like eve and that fruit, it will destroy you.

e m p o w e r m e n t

You can do anything!

You can be whatever you want!

You can shatter glass ceilings!

Daughter, the truth is, the God who formed you in my womb, who knit you together with a love that we can neither understand, nor fathom, He does not call you to be whatever you want.

This life isn’t about your goals.

It is about His plans.

It isn’t about what you can accomplish, but what He can accomplish through you.

It isn’t about how much you are able to gain, but about what He gave up for you.


I don’t tell you this to keep you from dreaming, or to discourage you from pursuing your passions. But so that someday if your life doesn’t look the way you planned, if the audience you wanted isn’t there, if the door you’ve been banging on doesn’t open, you remember that God is for you.

And that it is His plans you should lean into.

Scripture says, “For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you [eternally], plans to give you hope [everlasting], plans to give you a future [with Him].”

Rick Warren once said, “You were made by God, for God. And until you understand that your life will never make sense.”

So daughter, hear those messages: that you are strong, that you are beautiful, that you are worthy, that you matter.

But hear them humble, from the whisper of a God who treasures YOU more than all the riches that may come from being whatever you want.


This article originally appeared at An Ordinary Adventure, published with permission.

Kayla McAfee
Kayla McAfee is a mama bear to Rooney, soon-to-be wife to Andrew, worshipper of Jesus, emotional rambler, and pizza fanatic. She is currently finishing up a never-ending degree in Early Childhood & Family Studies, planning a wedding, and staying at home with her strong-willed threenager. She finds writing to be the most therapeutic way to fumble through everyday thoughts on faith and family. Follow her blog at

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