What I Wish I Knew About Family Culture 10 Years Ago

My heart has become more free as I’ve embraced resilience in the vision of family. My disposition has grown calmer as I learn to discern the chasm between intention and control. Those little hearts have started to embrace this unspoken vision as we’ve acknowledged Joy as a supreme companion in all our endeavors.  And through all the messes, hiccups and genuinely hard days, we’ll keep on cultivating our hearts and homes with intention, but most of all, with trust.

To all my empty-nester friends, this is for you too. Wives and mothers like me feel so strengthened and encouraged by your love, your example, your interest and your support as we navigate the tides of culture with a growing idea of what we want to pass down to the next generation. Tell us your story. Lend us your ear and your gracious wisdom. And join us as we do our best and trust God with the rest.

So, sisters, light a candle. Read a book. Play a game. Make a tradition. Try something new. Slow down a little. Follow the spark and embrace the adventure in disguise all around you. Because the vision of family stirring in your soul is not for the far off, one day. It’s in this moment, one decision at a time.

If you find yourself struggling as a mom, feeling that you’re not enough, you may enjoy this video


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Hannah Savage
Hannah Savage
Hannah Savage is a wife, mom of three and lover of good conversation, especially if it’s in the company of coffee and good friends. She writes on cultivating a heart-first, grace-fueled home from the inside out at HannahSavage.com and on Instagram as @HannahSavageWrites.

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