Dear High School Football Fans, Please Cheer For My Kid, Too

And all those formations the football team puts together on the field? These teams have them, too. But instead of trying to make them work with eleven team members at one time, the band, for instance, has to do it with 50 or 100 or more players all at once. This sounds tricky because it is.

At most high schools, members of the football team are lauded and applauded and respected and admired, which is great for them. But at a lot of those same schools, members of the marching band, especially, are made fun of. They do it anyway because they love it and want to be part of something bigger than themselves. The halftime show is their chance, for a few minutes, to be encouraged and cheered on.

And one more thing: if you see a marching band or guard or cheer or dance team member after the game, tell them, “Great show tonight.”

Friday Night Lights Fans Everywhere


This post originally appeared at Guilty Chocoholic Mama, published here with permission.

Elizabeth Spencer
Elizabeth Spencer is mom to two daughters (one teen and one young adult) who regularly dispense love, affection, and brutally honest fashion advice. She writes about faith, food, and family (with some occasional funny thrown in) at Guilty Chocoholic Mama  and avoids working on her 100-year-old farmhouse by spending time on Facebook and Twitter.

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