Girl, Don’t Shower For Days: Mom’s Real Talk FB Post Is EVERYTHING

Life can be excruciatingly hard. It’s not fair. It doesn’t always work out. 

Incredibly strong people still struggle. That’s what makes them strong. 

So if you’re struggling right now, and not feeling super positive about things – it’s OK. 

There is still hope. It may not come on a letterboard quote on Instagram and it may not be easy. But know that feeling your pain is part of this life that IS worth living. 

It’s not as easy as washing your face and bucking up. I wish it were. 

It’s more about relying on a friend to carry you. 

It’s about allowing yourself to feel so when it’s over the joy will be that much sweeter. 

It’s about finding your people even if it’s just a smile from a stranger in the grocery store that helps you put one foot in front of the other today. 

It’s about being part of the human race that was meant to lift each other up. Not just do it all alone. 

Yes, you’ve got this. But not because you are just gonna wash your face and get it done. You’ve got this because life is worth living and there are people everywhere willing to help you push through the hard stuff. 

Look for them. Pray TO them. Don’t struggle alone washing your face. Be dirty. We won’t judge. 

Because that’s life. And we get it.”

All I can say, is, thank you, Meredith! And let me be clear, again: Meredith has nothing against Rachel Hollis and she’s not trying to get at her. Neither am I! Neither of us are interested in tearing a successful woman down. (Also, another oft-repeated Hollisism is: “Someone else’s opinion of you is none of your business.” I agree with that one and it leads me to believe that she doesn’t give a rip what I’m writing here. SO yay! Everyone wins?)

But (I’ll speak for me and not put words in Meredith’s mouth) I am super, super interested in giving other moms HOPE in the midst of their hard, especially when the pervasive message they hear and see on social is “You control it. You choose it. If you’re not happy, it’s YOUR FAULT. Paste a smile on and good things will come your way.”

Because for many of us, that’s just not true. What we can choose, believe in, and cling to, is Christ. And He has promised that if we trust him…then the peace and joy will come.

No matter the cleanliness of our faces.

(P.S. – Meredith also wrote a book called Mom Life: Perfection Pending. GO check it out on Amazon!)

Jenny Rapson
Jenny Rapson
Jenny is a follower of Christ, a wife and mom of three from Ohio and a freelance writer and editor.

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