Hey, Mama, I Hear You.

Hey mama with the yoga pants on, I hear you.

You want to put your nice clothes on, but it’s taking all your energy to get through the day. You’ll wear the jeans again, I promise. For now, enjoy the cotton, I hear you.

Hey mama who is in the throes of post-partum depression, I hear you.

You were so excited for this baby, and now, the things you feel scare you. You’re not alone, mama, I hear you.

Hey mama with the tired eyes, I hear you.

You’ve been up all night with your toddler, he’s the best thing about this life, but you’re tired, and want just a bit of sleep. I hear you.

Hey mama who feels guilty for working, I hear you.

Your job is important to you, but so is your mothering. You feel torn between two worlds. It’s okay mama, me too, I hear you.

Hey mama who can’t find time for self-care, I hear you.

You know it’s important, you miss the days of leisure pampering. You’ll get there again, I know you will. I hear you.

Hey mama whose child is fighting anxiety, I hear you.

She’s being alienated in school, your heart is broken, and you aren’t sure how to help. I get it, I hear you.

Hey mama who is exhausted from fighting with your teenager, I hear you.

They’re not itty bitty anymore, and the constant arguing is taking a toll. You wonder what you’re doing wrong and will things ever be okay again. I hear you.

Hey mama who just lost your dad, I hear you.

Those last days of cancer were the worst parts of this life, and now you feel like the dark is suffocating you. I’ve been there, I hear you.

Hey, mama? Can I tell you a secret? You’re not alone. You’re enough. You’re fighting the good fight, putting one foot in front of the other. You’re brave and you’re strong, and I hear you. There’s light where there’s dark, there is good when there is struggle. Hold on, mama, and don’t let go.

This article originally appeared at AngieWarren.com.

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