October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month: Here’s How to Support Those Who Have Lost

October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month. If you have a loved one who has experienced pregnancy or infant loss, you may already know that. You may have noticed what an important month this and you may already be aware of events taking place to commemorate the cause. But have you noticed that even with all of these extra resources and support, your loved one is needing you more than ever?

Like everything that grief touches, Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month can be daunting. Yes, there are incredible resources and events planned to support those who have experienced loss, but inside every one of these events lays the reminder that our babies are gone. If we had a choice, we would rather not be “celebrating” this month. We wish it wasn’t necessary to raise awareness about such a devastating issue. But, here we are. We need this month and we need those who love us as we rally together in remembrance.

Photo courtesy of Rachel Whalen

Rachel Whalen
Rachel Whalen
Rachel Whalen is a writer and Kindergarten teacher who lives in Vermont. She is the mother of two daughters; 2-year-old Frances and Dorothy who was stillborn in 2016. Since Dorothy's death, Rachel has used her writing to advocate for others who have experienced pregnancy and infant loss. Her writing has been widely shared by Still Standing magazine, Pregnancy After Loss Support, the Today Show, and Her View From Home. In sharing her story, Rachel hopes that she can let others know they are not alone in their heartbreak and their love for their child. Connect with Rachel on Facebook, and see more of her writing on her blog.

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