To My Kids: I Will Never Stop Fighting For You

I say a lot of things to my kids.

“Make your bed, empty the dishwasher, dance is at 7, do some math and put away your shoes,” these types of phrases top the list.

But there’s one thing I say more and more as my kids get older, and it’s this:

I’ll never stop fighting for you.

I’ll never stop fighting against the enemy who seeks to kill, steal and destroy.

I’ll never stop fighting for your purity of mind and of heart.

I’ll never stop fighting alongside you to help you achieve your dreams.

I’ll never stop fighting for what’s best for you.

I won’t always agree with you.

I won’t always understand you.

I won’t always side with you.

But I’ll always, always fight for you.

I’ll fight for you when you need help finding your way.

I’ll fight for you when the world stands in opposition to you.

I’ll fight for you when you fall short.

I’ll fight for you when temptation overcomes you.

I’ll fight from my prayer closet lifting my voice to heaven.

I’ll fight from our dining room table where we discuss every single thing you face.

I’m not naive to the enemy’s desire to overtake you.

I know sometimes you think I’m fighting WITH you, but precious child please understand I am always fighting FOR you.

‘Cause I’m your mom. So, even when it’s hard. Even when it’s heavy. Even when I want to quit,

I’m going to fight for you.


Jenn Kish
Jenn Kish
Jenn Kish is a popular southern blogger, motivational speaker and Christian writer experienced in developing non-fiction narrative for a variety of parent-centric publications. She challenges women throughout the nation to do hard things daily. Jenn and her husband Jared are raising six children together in the mountains of North Georgia. When she is not blogging or working on her upcoming book, Jenn can be found hiding in her closet eating sprinkles.

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