My Kind of Happy Hour

Today wasn’t a good day for me.

You know, those days when everything is out of place? Nothing is in order and you’re so out of it, you don’t even feel like yourself? On top of all that, you make things worse by procrastinating the entire day? Yeah, it was one of those days.

I’m under the weather and I’m sleep deprived of my own volition. I have tons of work and deadlines that won’t budge. My house is a disaster and I have an infinite amount of dirty laundry.

It’s not anything new in the list of everyday [mom] tasks, but I think it’s the combination of ALLTHETHINGS that weighs me down like I have a ticking time bomb on my back. I barely managed to survive until the end of my work day.

But, instead of working past 5pm, I shut off my laptop and went down to the basement.

And I played with my babies.

We rolled around and wrestled. I kissed them and hugged them. And we just laughed and laughed. I swear I squeezed every bit of their energy into my body.

And I needed it. Oh, I so desperately needed it.

Not in the way that we count down to a glass of wine after we (figuratively) throw our kids in bed for the night. It wasn’t my kids that drained me today. It was life. And my reprieve from it all was the magical hour of playing with my kids.

It might be totally cliché for a thirty-something mom of two young kids to feel or say. But it’s just my truth.

This is my kind of happy hour.

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Jee Young
JeeYoung is a work at home mom and wife residing in the 'burbs of Detroit, MI. She enjoys sleeping, cooking, cleaning, reading, writing, shopping, eating, drinking hot coffee. All of life's essential things that take a little bit more effort these days while mothering her two little boys. You can see her writing over at her lifestyle and parenting blog:

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