Heroic New Mom Shot In Las Vegas While Shielding Wounded Boyfriend

las vegas shooting summer clyburn

New parents Summer Clyburn, 22, and Michael Gracia, 24, were experiencing something all parents of littles need – some together time away – when tragedy struck. They were among two of the victims of a lone gunman at the Las Vegas shooting as they attended the Route 91 Country Music Festival. The shooting ultimately claimed the lives of a staggering 59 people and wounded another 527, making in the worst mass shooting in U.S. history. Gunman Stephen Paddock’s motives for this mass murder remain unclear.

When the attack began, Gracia, a California police officer, was struck in the head. In a moment of bravery, Summer leapt on top of the father of her child, protecting him from further injury. Because of her selflessness, she too was shot—in the back. No doubt, she was thinking of their 3-month-old daughter, Vayda, praying they would live to raise their child together.

As soon as it was safe, the couple, along with hundreds of others, were rushed to the hospital. Summer’s injuries were not life-threatening, and soon a photo appeared on Facebook of her holding her baby girl while her back was bandaged up from the gunshot wound.

Gracia was rushed to surgery, which, according to a GoFundMe page set up for the couple, was successful. It also states that he has “a long, long road to recovery.”

The page, which has raised nearly $60,000 for the couple’s medical bills so far, says:

“Michael Gracia (Mikey) fellow bearcat from class of 2011 was shot last night at the Vegas shooting which is the biggest massacre in the United States to date. Michael was shot in the head and was taken to surgery where it was successful but he’s going to have a long road of recovery . Summer his girlfriend and mother of his child covered him while he was hurt which got her shot as well. The love between those two are real and they are new parents and new parents shouldn’t be going through this . I want to raise money to help with any medical bills and general bills and necessities so they don’t have to worry . Please help as much as you can even a Prayer works .”

Without this new mom’s quick actions, her baby girl might have only one parent this morning. As you pray for all the victims and their families, keep Michael and Summer in mind and pray that he is able to make a full recovery, parent his little girl, and live life to the fullest as so many others who were there that night can no longer do.

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