These Parenting Hacks From Twitter Will Revolutionize Your Mom Life

I sometimes wonder how parents functioned before the Internet. I mean, when it comes to math homework, YouTube has saved me MANY times. And even though I’m not a “crafty” person, I’ve executed tons of ideas from Pinterest when it comes to helping my two kids who needed speech therapy. And um, also, how to get STAINS OUT of kid clothes, too! I’m thankful to the Interwebz, for the many, many parenting hacks it has given me over the years!

But I gotta tell ya, Twitter has never really been a source I’ve turned to for parenting hacks…UNTIL NOW! Last week I found that simply by searching the #parentinghacks hashtag, you can find a WEALTH of hilarious parenting tips you won’t know how you EVER lived without! Below are some of my very favorites…which are yours?

1.Bathtime? DONE!

2. Better than a TRUTH SERUM!


3.Come out, come out wherever you are!


4.NEVER share your food again, parents!


5. Hate Play-Doh maintenance? FUHGEDDABOUTIT


6.Ok, if #4 doesn’t work, try this:


7.It’s GO TIME! Never be late again!


8. This one works, LITERALLY, every time.




10. Give this Mom a CROWN!

Thanks so much, Parents of Twitter, for sharing your hilarious, genius parenting hacks with the rest of us. I’m thankful that from toddlers to teenagers, there’s something here for moms in EVERY stage of parenting.

Jenny Rapson
Jenny Rapson
Jenny is a follower of Christ, a wife and mom of three from Ohio and a freelance writer and editor.

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