Post-Game Sports Snacks Are Not What They Used to Be: Mom of 5 Breaks Down Youth Sports Snack Trend

Whether you grew up playing sports on Saturday morning or spent your high school career on a soccer field, there’s no denying that every kid looks forward to the parent-provided post-game snack of the week. 

Usually a bag of orange slices and a juice box, things were really crazy if you got a bag of cookies to replenish with after an hour of chasing a ball on a field. 

Oh how times have changed my friends. TikToker Chrissy Horton is a mother of five, pregnant with her sixth from San Diego, California. She offers candid glimpses into her life with a big family as a content creator and influencer. One of her most recent videos is a breakdown of what’s expected from parents who are providing sports teams with post-game snacks—and it ain’t orange slices. 

“Can someone explain to me when the after-game snack protocol changed? When my kids started competitive sports, I was shocked that the after-games snacks were literally a lunch sack,” Chrissy begins as she haphazardly stuffs brown paper sacks. “I kid you not: This is the formula wherever we play: all snacks packs includes some sort of sports drink or juice box, chips of some kind, cookies or a little fun dessert. And of course fruit, to balance it all.”

“And I know that so many of you are seeing these snack packs and are mortified at how unhealthy it is — and all of the food dyes and America and obesity. And I get it,” she says. “But it’s once a week for two months and the kids don’t even eat everything in it. My kids always share it with their siblings. I know it’s the internet, so you’re going to come at me — but I didn’t come up with the formula!”

Bri Lamm
Bri Lamm
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