BREAKING: Show Dogs Movie Pulled From Theaters and Edited!

show dogs movie pulled


Late Sunday night when I wrote an article about Terina Maldonado’s review of the Show Dogs movie on Macaroni Kid, I never DREAMED that it would go viral and be part of a movement to get the Show Dogs movie pulled from theaters and edited. NEVER dreamed. I thought at best, it would educate a few thousand people about whether or not to take their kids to the film.

Well. Four days and 4.7 million page views later, my wildest dreams have come true: last night CNN reported that Global Road Entertainment will pull the Show Dogs movie from theaters and re-edit it to remove the scene where Max the dog is coached about having his private parts inspected, and the scene where the inspection occurs. These scenes, to reviewer Maldonado, seemed to echo a grooming scenario by a sexual predator, as Max was told he needed to “go to a zen place” and figure out a way to get through it if he wanted to win the dog show. (Side note, it reminded ME of statements by the sexual assault victims of USA Gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar, who have said over and over they thought his “treatment” was something they had to endure if they wanted to get over their injuries and win.)

Show Dogs movie pulled from theaters and edited


This is a CRAZY victory for concerned parents!! The statement by Global Road Entertainment reads:

That this all happened in just a matter of four or five short days is a true testament to the power of parents speaking out and working together! I spread the word about Macaroni Kid, and hundreds of thousands of you spread the word about my article. News stations and magazines picked up the story, and soon the National Center on Sexual Exploitation was on the case. It is my belief that it is the NCOSE’s fierce advocacy yesterday is what ultimately led to the Show Dogs movie being pulled from theaters and re-cut to remove the offensive scenes. Thank you SO much to everyone who shared our article and made this happen!

I am excited that Hollywood LISTENED to concerned parents. While it’s true that having those scenes in the movie in the first place was someone’s poor judgment at best and something insidious at worst, I DO want to express my appreciation to Global Road for responding to the uproar with a CHANGE. This is rare in Hollywood and hopefully the message will resound LOUD AND CLEAR with makers of other kids’ movies!

Thank you so much to all who read, shared, and banded together to effect CHANGE! Let’s keep up the fight for our kids!


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