Your Phone Dings While Going 65 MPH. This Is What Happens When You Look At It

65 MPH

You’re driving 65 mph on the highway. Suddenly the phone loudly dings. You have two options.

#1 – Avoid the ding and keep driving.

#2 – Look down (just for a second).

Once you look down, the chances of responding to that text go up significantly.  And once you start texting and driving, the chances of your death in an auto accident go up significantly. With today’s bombardment of non-stop rings and dings, we need to be even more aware of what dangers can arise if we don’t set up boundaries while behind the wheel. As the video below portrays, this is just a glimpse of what transpires when a 2 second text takes your eyes off the road.

One of the top ways to prevent an early death, is to not text and drive. It’s that simple. I have heard countless stories over the years after speaking on this topic, of babies, mothers, fathers, children, six classmates at once, etc. who have died due to the direct result of texting behind the wheel. Teens have showed me trees where their friends died after swerving off the road going anywhere from 65mph to 70 mph. Friends, it’s not worth it to text and drive. The LOL can wait for another 20 minutes!

Over 6,000 deaths and half a million injuries are caused annually by drivers who were texting and driving. Within the minimal 5 seconds it takes to respond to a text, you have driven the length of a football field without looking at the road! It’s like driving blind for 5 seconds. According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, texting and driving is comparable to operating a vehicle after having 4 beers.

Check out an assimilated scenario of what can happen when people text and drive. Show your teen this video! ***It is very graphic but it is also very CONVINCING*** because this is 100% a realistic portrayal of what can and DOES happen when you text and drive even at 65 MPH.

When teens are asked what their number one distraction is while driving, texting is their number one answer. For further research, you can find many informative articles on this subject by checking out Consumer Affairs. It is imperative that we discuss this topic, so that you or your loved one are not victims of something that’s completely preventable.


This article originally appeared at The Counter-Culture Mom.

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