The Phone Call That’s Going to Change Everything

With as significant as the changes will be for us, they will be monumental to her. We’re going from a family of 4 to 5. She’s going from an orphanage to a family. We’re going to struggle to communicate with her. She’s going to be surrounded by people she doesn’t understand. I’m going to learn some new Indian recipes, she’s going to be inundated with sights, smells, and tastes that she’s never experienced before.

Outside of culture shock, she’s going to experience loss. I still have no information regarding her living situation, and I know that ours will be better (no matter how great an orphanage, a family is best). But, God willing she was loved and nurtured. And if she was, that necessitates that she will be mourning the loss of relationships. And if she wasn’t, well, we’ll have more significant challenges ahead, and she’ll still be mourning the loss of what’s familiar.

But despite the unknown challenges that lie ahead, I am excited, expectant, and eager to be united with her. My hope doesn’t lie in the instructive books and excellent seminars that have helped prepare me to parent through adoption-related trauma. It’s certainly not in believing that I’m an incredible mother who will be perfect in patience and wisdom. It’s not in naivety that everything will be easy and wonderful. My hope is that GOD IS BIGGER.

If she handles her grief through rage, and I exhaust every method of response to no avail, GOD IS BIGGER.

If she has unexpected health challenges or mental delays, and we tread the tiring waters required to address her needs, GOD IS BIGGER.

If she and the boys don’t get along, and our house feels like a war-zone, GOD IS BIGGER.

If my greatest fear comes to pass and she has reactive attachment disorder and is unable to bond with us, GOD IS BIGGER.

Training is helpful and important, godly parenting should be striven after, but it would be the height of folly to place my trust in anything outside of my Savior. And because He will be with us, I can joyfully await this call and all the change it will bring.

Amy DiMarcangelo
Amy DiMarcangelo
Amy is a disciple of Jesus, wife to Andrew, and mom to 2 sons. She also has an adoptive daughter coming home from India soon. Amy is as passionate about social justice as she is about sound doctrine, and dedicates most of her reading and writing to such topics. She enjoys working part-time with children diagnosed with ASD, serving on the mission’s board at her church, cooking with her kids, and dreaming of travel. Follow her at:

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