A Tired Mommy’s Prayer

Happy New Year, mamas!!! As we launch into the new year I wanted to put into words a prayer that tumbles around in my heart every day and often into the wee hours of the night. I hope it’s a blessing to you all.


“This day and everything You have planned for it is good.

You have fully equipped me to care for the kids You’ve given me.

Where I lack sleep give me patience.

Where I lack creativity give me kindness.

When I can’t give my kids fun projects and exciting outings, help me to give warm smiles and lots of hugs.

Help me to be less aware of my growing to-do list and more aware of opportunities to shepherd these precious hearts.

Show me what being faithful looks like today.

Help me to meet each need as it comes with love and grace.

Help me to use words that help and heal.

Let my kids see Christ in me.

Thank You that while I don’t know what this day holds, I know Who’s holding me.”


This post originally appeared at The Gospel-Centered Mom.

Sara Wallace
Sara Wallace is a Jesus-loving wife and mom of four little boys. She spends her busy mom days homeschooling her kiddos in the backwoods of Idaho and clinging to grace. She explores how the power of the gospel equips us for this sticky, messy, heart-wrenchingly beautiful battle called motherhood at her blog, The Gospel-Centered Mom. For more from Sara, you can also check her out on Facebook and Google +.

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