I Was Trying to Teach Kids Generosity, But I Wasn’t Ready for This

As a mom, I try to teach my kids all the things. Responsibility. Intentionality. Kindness. Perspective. Fun. Yes, I teach fun:) But when we got to focus on how to teach kids generosity, something happened.

Teach Kids Generosity — You’ll Be Glad You Did

“But why did that one man come up to us crying, mama?”

Our little boy asked me innocently today after we handed out bags filled with snacks, warm hats and gloves, toiletries, a little cash, and handmade Christmas cards to a group of about a dozen people hiding out in an alcove in our tiny downtown area.

Friends, it’s cold.

It’s been pouring rain and windy since early last night.

I wasn’t ready for this.

The people’s kind eyes ranged from late teens to probably early 70s.

We smiled back from behind our masks.

We fist bumped and elbow tapped, our two wild ones bubbling with excitement.

Our kids were SO proud to show off their hand-drawn cards. The $5 bill in each bag meant nothing to them, just the card and the conversation.

These kids were genuinely excited and sincerely concerned when a man in his 40s who called himself PigPen followed us as we were walking back to our car.

He wanted to thank us personally but he couldn’t get the words out. They got stuck in his throat, hot tears streaking the grizzled cheeks beneath his foggy glasses.

“You’re raising them right, ma’am,” he muffled out while I gripped his arm as if I were his own mama, my tears matching his.

“I hope so, PigPen. And I hope you know that these wild kiddos prayed for you as they made these bags and cards and we will be praying for you everyday after this by name.”

“Ma’am, sometimes, no matter what you do, people don’t REALLY see you. So, thank you.”

Brynn Burger
Brynn Burgerhttp://themamaontherocks.com
Brynn Burger is the creator of The Mama on the Rocks blog and social media community. She is a writer, speaker, and coach to parents of extreme children, fellow and future Roadschoolers, and folks looking to simplify their lives to reclaim the joy-filled journey we’re meant to live.

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