To That Overwhelmed Young Mama In the Grocery Store

Without you.

And your heart breaks just a little because you know that life will never, ever be the same once that happens.
And all of a sudden, you realize that the carefree days of childhood are over. Done. Gone. There will never again be field trips or award ceremonies. Baseball games or lost homework. Bike rides or sleepovers. Car lines or park visits. Late night snuggles or running through sprinklers on hot, summer days. Your chest tightens and that lump forms in your throat and you fight to hold back the tears because you aren’t ready for it to all be over. Everyone told you the years would go by quickly, but when you were knee deep in diapers and sleepless nights you didn’t understand how that could possibly happen.

But it did . . .

And you understand now why everyone tells you to enjoy every moment . . . because these moments . . . they don’t last forever. And you will miss them more than you know.

So, sweet, Young Mama . . . hold on tight to this time in your life. Leave the dirty dishes and go smell the flowers and have a dance party and count the stars. Savor those small hands in yours. Breathe in those sweet baby smells and the feel of those arms wrapped tightly around your neck. Bottle up those giggles and etch those gummy smiles into your heart. Cherish those sweet voices calling out for you and the weight of their little bodies sleeping in your arms.

Because one day, I promise . . . you’re gonna miss it.


This article originally appeared on Heather’s Facebook page, Love, Faith, & Chaos.

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