Mama, Someone Has Been Lying to You

Someone has been lying to you. He’s whispering in your ear: 

“this is too much” 

“you shouldn’t have to do this”

“when will you take care of you”

“you’re alone in this work, no one sees you”

“It’s not worth it”

Lies. Lies. Lies. 

He whispers these words and suddenly they become the mantra in our heads. 

And then it sounds like this: 

“this is too much” 

“I shouldn’t have to do this”

“when will I take care of ME”

“I AM alone in this work, no one sees Me”

“It’s not worth it”

You see how he did that? 

And suddenly you find yourself knee deep in self pity. 

The truth is exactly opposite of the enemy’s slippery words. 

He places a perfectly timed “this is too much” thought as you are trying to feed the crying baby all while the toddler spreads peanut butter on your cell phone. 

The thought “when will I take care of me” follows as you notice your unwashed hair and pajamas in the mirror at 4pm. 

In the middle of the night while you care for a sick child you feel the words “I am alone” settle deep into your soul. 

And suddenly you feel like this is all too much. 

He’s trying to knock you off course, mama. 

The truth is the opposite of what the deceiver is saying to you. 

You ARE giving up your life, I now know that is true. You are giving it for the life of another, for your child. It’s kingdom work, as you lay down your own wants and even needs, you find purpose in meeting the needs of others. You are carefully placing the gospel inside of tiny little warriors who will one day carry that truth into their own families. 

It’s the labor of the day to day that builds generations of people who are filled with the gospel. 

Are you telling me that raising children is important? You mean it’s not lesser work? 

Mama, there is NO greater work than sending the word of God into the future. And sometimes that word is placed in a child in an afternoon bible story, in the songs you sing while you rock them, or even in the prayers you speak over their cut up strawberries. 

Bringing a living God into the mundane work of motherhood, not only quiets the lies, but also plants seeds in the heart of a child to be harvested for a future generation. 

Is anything else worth giving up your own life? 

No. Nothing else. 

Don’t buy the lies, mama. Your work is much too important and you can’t afford to be distracted.

Change those diapers to the glory of God! 

Matthew 25:40 The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’

Jenn Kish
Jenn Kish
Jenn Kish is a popular southern blogger, motivational speaker and Christian writer experienced in developing non-fiction narrative for a variety of parent-centric publications. She challenges women throughout the nation to do hard things daily. Jenn and her husband Jared are raising six children together in the mountains of North Georgia. When she is not blogging or working on her upcoming book, Jenn can be found hiding in her closet eating sprinkles.

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