Mom’s Raw Post About Her “Long Postpartum Ride” Is One We ALL Need to Read

Meet Alexandra Kilmurray.


With those gorgeous locks and flawless, fresh complexion, this beautiful mama appears to have it all together.

But in a recent Instagram post, she decided to get real and raw about the “dark sides of motherhood and pregnancy” that seem to be a taboo topic in today’s society.

If you want to post the picture-perfect, fun-loving moments with your babies that convey the overwhelming joy and privilege that is parenting, all is well and good.


But if you dare share the ugly side that loathes your tiger-striped stretch marks, spastic mom brain and postpartum depression that makes you question if you even want a baby AT ALL, you may just risk falling into that “horrible mother” category.

It is a battle so many women face, but so few feel empowered to make known.

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