The Coolest Photos of the 2017 Solar Eclipse So Far

Despite the funny video I posted on Facebook earlier this morning, I was TOTALLY stoked about the total eclipse, even though I only experienced about 87% at the peak where I live. (I DID look with safe glasses and it was awesome!) I LOVED watching NASA’s livestream with my kids to watch people across the country experience totality, it was CRAZY COOL to not only see the totality, but to see everyone FREAKING OUT about it! As soon as it had passed here, I started looking on Instagram for the best eclipse pics! I found some GREAT ones – and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Dad playing with his camera again. ?? #eclipse

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??#oregoneclipse #eclipse #solareclipse ??

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Totally unfiltered pic taken by Wendy! Beautiful! #eclipse #eclipse2017

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91.5% #eclipse #eclipse2017 #greatamericaneclipse #solareclipse #solareclipse2017 #partialsolareclipse

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This is stunning #solareclipse2017 #natgeoeclipse @natgeo @canonusa #EOS5DMarkIV

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The view from middle Tennessee #eclipse #eclipse2017 #Tennessee #tennessee #Nashville #nashvilleeclipse #newschannel5

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Finally my dream come true! Successfully shot the amazing full eclipse. Here is the final shot of Full Eclipse seen from Madras Oregon! Process: Total 7 exposures. Shot on Canon Mark 5D iii at 800mm (400mm lens and 2X extender) I did bring a laptop to edit this to keep it real time for you all. Huge thanks to my friend @madcapwanderer for assisting me!

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Okay, the eclipse was cooler than I thought it would be #Oregon #oregoneclipse2017 #eclipse #totality #logsdenoregon

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Jenny Rapson
Jenny Rapson
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